Ivonne Reimann is an Office Manager, Writer/Singer and Career Consultant. An all around creative mind, she is the founder of IBreakTheNews.com - a Blog about News, Creativity and Life. Born in East Germany in the 80's she has studied Journalism in London, UK where she has lived for 4 years to establish her corporate career. 

With work experience at NBC Universal, Interscope Records, Family Traveller Magazine and Porsche she possesses a wide range of experience and knowledge in the business world as well. 

Ivonne is an international citizen with previous jobs in Berlin, New York, London and Toronto. She would love to live near the beach but no office ever seems to be located there. 

I love to express myself and to share new ideas! If you are looking for my creative input and want to collaborate, feel free to contact me. Besides my work as a Writer and Office Coordinator in Media and Technology, you can request a consultation regarding advice on how to start over in another country. 

Since I have done this several times for professional as well as personal reasons, I can share some of my own experiences about it with you. Additionally, I can help you optimizing your resume, to improve your chances of landing your dream job. 

I am also a German Tutor. So if you always wanted to learn the language of the poets and thinkers, now is a good time to start. Quote: Your life is happening now and it can not be rescheduled. Thank you for showing interest and for stopping by here today. Don't hesitate to contact me if I can help you. Vielen Dank für's vorbei schauen!